Sunday, January 13, 2008

Teaching Matters

Before I had the opportunity to stay home with our children, I was an elementary school teacher. As a classroom teacher, I became interested in the role technology plays in educating our children. I decided to pursue a Masters Degree in Educational Technology which opened up doors for my professional development. I was able to move out of the classroom and work with teachers as they began the process of integrating technology into their classrooms. I also had an opportunity to work with students in our school's computer lab. It was amazing to see how motivated they were by technology and how quickly they picked up new skills.

It has been over 5 years since I've been in the classroom. I have continued to follow the use of technology in the classroom, and although a lot has changed and advanced some things remain the same. Teachers have so little time to plan, much less learn new technologies and how to incorporate them into their classrooms. I was always focused on how to integrate technology into the curriculum in a natural way; not as an add on or additional burden to teachers.

Recently I came across a great non-profit in New York, Teaching Matters. Teaching Matters is a non-profit professional development organization that partners with educators to improve public schools. They use technology in the classroom to prepare teachers and their students for 21st century learning and achievement. Teaching Matters has developed a great tool for teachers, Pagekeeper. PageKeeper allows teachers to quickly and easily create a page of weblinks to manage student web use in their classrooms. The service is free and contains absolutely no advertising.

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