Saturday, January 19, 2008

Laundry Day!

We have a laundry chute. It is in our bathroom on the 3rd floor and "chutes" all of our dirty clothes down to the basement laundry room - wonderful invention. We have managed to keep this treasure hidden from our children so we haven't had any unusual items showing up in the laundry pile ready to be cleaned.

I am not a very skilled homemaker. I rarely cook a meal, wipe the baseboards, or clean the windows. But laundry. . . I take pride in my laundry. I do not let Bob g
o near it. I keep up with it regularly so I was not surprised to see an empty chute in the laundry room this morning. Yeah, me!

What now? Should I wipe down baseboards and clean the windows? I go to get dressed and look for one of the three pair of pants that still fit. The pants are no where to be found. How is that possible? I am living in a house with no dirty laundry. Let me check. They must be folded neatly in a basket somewhere and I just overlooked them. No. OK, I'll check the laundry room again. Upon closer inspection, this is what I see.

A set of sheets plugging up the chute. Oh, that explains a lot. So as gracefully as a very large pregnant woman can, I use the hook of one of the kid's umbrellas and the stools from "The Firm " (an exercise video set I promised myself I would do on a daily basis about 5 years ago) to gently pull the sheets down to freedom. Tah-dah! There are my pants and about 2 other loads of laundry. To some of you this may seem like a huge challenge or a big disappointment, for me it is an opportunity to actually accomplish something productive today, besides caring for two young children!


Alana said...

I'll cook your meals if you do my laundry ;-)

Laundry is the bane of my existence!

We had a laundry chute when I was growing up. I actually willingly slid down it once. Only once, though, because let's just wasn't a pleasant experience!

Nice to you meet you Alana!