Monday, January 7, 2008

The Six O'Clock Scramble

I have a wonderful husband. Not only does he do the majority of the grocery shopping, he quietly looks the other way as I do the minimal amount necessary in the kitchen. I do not cook. I do not like to eat a variety of food. I do not want my children to continue developing my bad habits and attitudes towards food - as it stands now Meg is very happy to eat spoonfuls of ketchup and call it a day!

I would like to do a better job preparing meals for our family. I will probably stumble with this goal and I may fall flat on my face, but I think Bob will appreciate my effort and as always pick me up when I fall down. Who knows I might enjoy it and make something edible!

I am armed with the necessary tools:

  • a couple of new cookbooks I got for Christmas along with a food processor (I believe I stored away in the cabinet above the frig),
  • a husband who is willing to do most of the shopping and will eat almost anything (except for meat - did I mention he doesn't eat meat!), and
  • the Internet
I found a great site recommended by my favorite magazine, Real Simple. Below is information from the Six O'Clock Scramble web site. There is a minimal subscription fee, but I think you can get a free trial to test it out. There are other sites out there offering similar information but you have to deal with a lot of ads and disorganization.
  • Each Wednesday, you will receive a link to the week’s Scramble® newsletter, 5 FAMILY-TESTED MEALS including side dishes and a corresponding grocery list
  • Use all the meals for the week or CHOOSE THE MEALS YOU WANT by swapping for any recipe in your recipe database to fit your family’s tastes and schedule. Your grocery list is automatically updated with your choices.
  • PRINT OUT your selected recipes and grocery list.
  • Make ONE TRIP TO THE GROCERY STORE, confident that you will have everything you need for a week of easy, healthy and delicious meals.
  • BASK in the compliments!
I would love to know how you plan your weekly meals. Leave me a comment and let me know "what's for dinner" at your house tonight.


jennie b said...

I feed the kids at 4. They are so hungry that they eat anything. If I give them a snack then, they don't eat dinner. Around 6 they have a smaller snack (apples, crackers, some cheese or a bowl of cereal). It seems a little backwards, but it works for us. Also, my kids love soup - a bowl of soup and a baguette are nearly ritual around here.