Thursday, January 17, 2008

Quotable Ya Yas

For my Alabama girls who are such a big part of my heart and my spirit. Few people can say they have had the same core group of friends for over 20 years . . . . I can.

Even though I moved away from home, they have shown up for me time and time again. I am so fortunate to know these women and have them consider me a friend. I pray for such relationships for my children, especially for my little girl because few things are more important than good girlfriends.

I pray she will be sitting at her desk in her elementary classroom and someone will introduce themselves and ask if she would like to be friends. I pray Meg will have girlfriends who help her see she is not alone in this world and give her the confidence and security she needs to make big decisions in her life always knowing she can come home.

Here's to you girls. I love you.

Connor: You are much more normal than you have any right to be.

Caro: The only disease that can survive in our bloodstreams is alcoholism.

Younger Vivi: Don't look at me in that tone of voice!

Vivi: I tried to be the best momma I could.
Connor: How did that go?
Vivi: Not so hot.

Caro: We'll leave you alone, but we'll be listening from the kitchen so talk loud

Vivi: I'll knock you into the middle of next week.
Teensy: And I'll kick your sorry ass on Thursday. Now get in the goddamn car and go home!
[after Vivi drives away]

Vivi: I need your divine intervention. My oldest daughter, Siddalee, is about to throw away true love. Don't let her do that. I will only smoke once... a day. And I will only have a drink once a week... a day. If you could just help me with this one thing, I'll make it up to you somehow.

Caro: What I'd give to know then what I know now. And to still have those thighs!
Necie Rose Kelleher: I'm sure they're still buried in there somewhere.

Shepard James 'Shep' Walker: I think it can best be said...?The road to hell is paved with good intentions."
Sidda: Well, what about the road back? What's that paved with?
Shepard James 'Shep' Walker: Humility.