Friday, January 25, 2008

My kids love their daddy so why won't they let him change their diapers?

All day long I hear, "Where is daddy?", "When is daddy going to be home?", and "I want to play with daddy!". These statements do wonders for the ego. I think to myself, "I am fun to play with - just because I'm usually the one who makes you pick up your toys and take a bath doesn't mean I'm not fun!". "I can hold my own with Legos and baby dolls - I'm a fun parent!"

My husband tries to give me the "gift" of sleeping in whenever he can. This sounds like a wonderful idea, but all of a sudden when I sleep in, it seems everything in our house falls apart. The very same children that the day before couldn't wait to see their daddy, suddenly seem to want mommy for everything - including changing their diapers and peeling their bananas. He tries to comfort them and pretty much offers them the world to allow him to do for them, but they have a keen mommy radar and know I am in the house somewhere. At some point during my groggy state of sleep, I hear all the commotion and decide it is easier to get up and help them than continue sleeping.

So how do I handle this problem . . . I leave the house! Today I met a dear friend for a pedicure and lunch. Man, did I need that time. What a pleasure it was to come home relaxed to a house that contained one napping little girl and one very happy boy who was spending time with his daddy!


Jeni said...

It's the same way at our house! My hubby tries to help me relax on the weekend, and take my beloved Sunday nap, but Wendy never cooperates. She wants Mommy!

Tara said...

That Mommy radar is unbelievable! Andrew got up with Brooks this morning to let me sleep, but like you said, he will find me and want me for everything! I even tried to pull the covers over my head to "hide" the first time he came in this morning. Didn't work...It IS easier just to get up. Loved the story! How fun to have some girl time!

Megan@SortaCrunchy said...

Oh my GOSH. So true! You are so right, too. The only solution is to leave - or else, just forget about it. I thought my child was the only one with this amazing gift of just knowing when Mommy is home, hiding somewhere.

cmwheeler said...

My daughter simply can't believe that anyone would rather sleep than play with her. No one gets to sleep in at my house. Ah well- better love it while I got it, right?

Gettysburg Mom said...

It's amazing how it works like that. Wonderful post- very familiar. I'll have to try leaving the house for a pedicure!