Wednesday, March 12, 2008

WFMW: My Email

Today, I opened up my laptop. My (almost) 2-year-old daughter asked, “You checking your Email mommy?” It occurred to me, my children would never live in a world without this delightful little thing called Email.

Email works for me. Obviously, it helps me keep in touch with family and friends, but it doesn’t stop there.

Email works for my marriage.
My husband and I aren’t exactly what you’d call “phone people”. When he's at work we get a lot more accomplished and a lot less frustrated with one another through Email. I send him reminders, honey-do lists, and the "all important" grocery list. Yes, I'm married to a wonderful man who does 95% of the grocery shopping for our family.

Email works for my organizational needs.
I often send myself to-do lists through Email. The lists are easy to keep up with, and my laptop is a lot harder to lose than a sticky note.

My Mac mail program is great. If there is an address in the body of any message, I can click and save it into my address book immediately.

Email works for my blogging.
If I find a great website or resource I think would be good to use in a future post, I Email it to myself. I write one or two sentences on how I think I can use the resource. I put the message in my “post ideas” folder. When I’m at a loss for something to write about I look through the folder of idea Emails.

With Blogger, you can post through your Email. If you’re on the road this tool can be helpful. You can read how to set this up

Here are 10 Simple Tips for Using Email.


Angie @ Many Little Blessings said...

Great post! :) Email certainly works for me too! (I email my blog ideas to myself as well. LOL I used to write them down on a piece of paper, but then I would lose them.)

Julienne said...

Oh, I SO identified with this post. I use e-mail the same way and my wonderful fiance does most of the grocery shopping as well! We communicate throughout the day through e-mail. This is great because I'm a teacher and have NO time for the phone but can catch up on his notes and funny moments during lunch. :-)

Joy @ Joy Of Desserts said...

We couldn't live without our e-mail anymore. We have all become so dependent on it and it is so useful.

I have a brand new dessert blog and this is my first WFMW post for it. :-)

Anonymous said...

I have several mail accounts too to keep some things separate. Thanks for telling us about your "post idea" folder. I'll be doing that too.

Melissa said...

Ohhhhh your man does grocery shopping! Niiiiice! Mine will go with me and help out, but ohhhh to completly do it. You are lucky :)

Britni said...

I love email as well. I love the fact that it's free and I can have three different email addresses to keep myself organized. I've got one for business, one for personal, and one for sales/groups/etc. Thanks!

Beth Cotell said...

These are some great tips!

My husband doesn't like to talk on the phone at work so we also use email to converse during the day.

Big kudos to your man for doing the grocery shopping!

Anonymous said...

I lOVE email too. I'm lost without. It's a very close, personal friend!

Anonymous said...

Email has helped me keep in touch with family members, too. I'm not much of a phone person, either!

Unknown said...

Great tips - thanks :)

Rebecca said...

Of course, email is great. But does anyone else harbor some nostalgia for real letters? I remember a great day, years ago now, that I received five letters in my mailbox--personal letters from friends and family, from all over the United States and other parts of the world. Now I just get five credit card offers and a flyer from the neighborhood pizza joint.

Disclaimer: I am a technophobe. I know this is a bit contradictory, considering I have my own website to attend to. Maybe I should turn the Green Baby Guide into an old-fashioned newsletter. . . .

Curiosity Killer said...

Email is awesome. I don't have to deal with the important content right away and break my concentration. Esp now when email accounts has so many functions with "mark as unread" as reminders and all. Fantastic.

Way better than sticky notes. :)

Enjoy rest of the party!

Alana said...

I live and breathe by my email! However, I was recently informed my by "young marrieds" small group that e-mail is so last year. It is all about the text message for the next generation ;-)