Sunday, March 9, 2008

My Brother

My brother's feelings were a little hurt when he didn't make it on my 100th post list. He's a sensitive fellow, so I decided to dedicate an entire post to him.

My brother, Josh, is 6 years younger than me. Six years makes a big difference when you're growing up. We were never into the same things, so we rarely crossed paths and weren't very close. To me he was always the "spoiled one". I'm sure to him I was always the "ungrateful brat". Both terms probably described us well at various points in our lives. Thankfully, we both grew up and now truly enjoy each other's company.

Josh went to the other school in Alabama (Auburn), but I try not to hold that against him. Shortly after graduating he moved out west to Colorado. I'm sure my parents wonder what they did that caused both of their children to move so far away from home. I would say it's not what they did wrong, but in fact, what they did right! They raised two confident children who were always shown love, and taught they could do anything if they were willing to try. They trusted us to make our way in this world - always knowing we would come home when we needed to.

Josh fell in love with Colorado. He also met and fell in love with Katherine, the mother to my first (and better not be my only) nephew, Zeke.

Of course there are several embarrassing stories I could share with you about Josh. He has his own blog so I am not going to start telling tales for fear of retribution. I get to see Josh and his family in 2 weeks before they make the trek back across the country.

The visit will be too short. As soon as they leave, I'll wish they lived around the corner. I am proud of the man my brother has become, and the father Zeke is showing him how to be. I am happy he knows what makes him content, and has the courage to go after it.


Anonymous said...

My brother doesn't read my blog--couldn't care less. But even with such apathy, I might write about him someday. I kind of did a while back.

So nice to see someone pay tribute to her brother!