Monday, April 21, 2003

Living Green

I hope to continue adding to the list as I learn and grow in my attempts to live a more sustainable life.

  1. Carrying reusable bags.
  2. Using recycled toilet paper.
  3. Eliminating paper towels.
  4. Using phosphate-free laundry and dish washing detergent.
  5. Switching our light bulbs.
  6. Using biodegradable trash bags made from corn starch.
  7. Eliminating our junk mail.
  8. Listing items we don't use on Freecycle and Paperback Swap.
  9. Using eco-friendly toothbrushes.
  10. Eliminating sandwich bags.
  11. Choosing safer eco-friendly products for our children.
  12. Turning off our car engines.
  13. Using socks as Swiffers.
  14. "Greening" up our family holidays here, here and here.
  15. Purchasing organic food whenever possible.
  16. Joining a CSA for local produce.
  17. Using vinegar as a natural cleaner.
  18. Eliminating napkins.