Wednesday, October 31, 2007

It's a Boy

My sonogram this morning revealed a not so shy baby boy! We are all very excited and look forward to meeting him late March. My due date is March 30th - just 10 days after Meg turns 2!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Davis' First Kiss!

Look who got more than just presents on his birthday! Davis' best girlfriend, Reagan laid a big one on him!

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Monday, October 29, 2007

Calling All Tuna Lovers

If you love "the chicken of the sea" like I do you might find this Tuna Calculator created by the Environmental Working Group interesting. Of course during pregnancy is when I want tuna fish the most and when it is the most harmful for me to consume!

Test Your Memory

Saturday, October 27, 2007

5 things I learned from my November Issue of REAL SIMPLE

  1. You can rent classic and new title books online from You receive free shipping both to and from your home. Subscription plans range from $15 - $36 month.
  2. It is best to store coffee (ground & whole beans) in an opaque airtight container away from light, heat, and moisture. Oops, Bob!
  3. Gail Blanke shared the story of losing her brother at the age of 24. I felt a lot of myself in her story and agreed with things she said. I especially liked what her mother said during that time, "We'll never lose him." Blanke also listed 4 steps to making it through a loss. 1. Be true to your convictions 2. Shift your attention to others 3. Talk about the one you lost 4. Write to him or her (this one was especially helpful to me after we lost Ellie and Kate - I wrote to them often the first few months).
  4. There is a woman out there, Carment Staicer, who has 6 children and still has time to write a blog. Check it out .
  5. The best way to avoid a stressful Thanksgiving Day is to enjoy the day at someone else's house - thank you Karen & Loren!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Calm My Anxious Heart - Linda Dillow

As a woman and mother of small children I worry a lot! I was introduced to Calm My Anxious Heart a few years ago. I am someone who likes to control situations - this book helped me see I am not in control and worrying is "like a rocking chair . . . . it gives you something to do but doesn't get you anywhere." I refer to this book often and have found that the bible verses mentioned are the ones I often go to for strength. I will be posting some of my favorites on our blog. I hope they provide a little peace and comfort to you.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

New Playset

After years of asking (ok, begging) we finally got the kids (and us) a play set. Of course the kids loved it - so much so that we were out for most of the day which means messy house and PB&J for dinner!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Davis-o-saurus turns 3!

Davis had a blast at his backyard dinosaur birthday party with all his friends. As you'd expect the moon bounce and the cupcakes were the big hit of the day. No children were harmed in the making of this entry - except for little sister Meg who graciously left the moon bounce to play hostess.

Princess Meg's Dress Rehearsal

Our girlie girl is going to be a princess for Halloween. Her Doll Doll sent her jewelry - hopefully she won't wear it out before Halloween.

Pumpkin Picking

We had a great time yesterday at North Farm! Meg & Davis enjoyed the hunt. We visited with pigs, chickens, cows, ducks and lambs. We also got to ride on a huge tractor hay ride.