Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Tackle It Tuesday #6 - PaperbackSwap & Update

This morning I completed the quick, easy, and as of now, FREE registration process for PaperBackSwap.

For the rest of today's tackle I'll post 10 books. By posting 10 books, I'll receive 2 credits as a "welcome gift". I can use these 2 credits to request my first 2 books from other members.

Go on over and read for yourself how quick and easy this process is - it's a great way to declutter and save some money!

Guest Room Conversion Update


Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

  • Obviously, clear out the room. Everything from computer pieces to bike parts. I am told all these various parts will eventually turn into a bicycle. I made a little progress clearing things out but still have some work to do.
Still clearing out . . .
  • Order window coverings. I ordered 3 of these from Target.
  • Order bedding. I ordered this organic duvet and pillows for the bed. I also order this blanket. I have a thing for pillows: I ordered this one in the sandlewood, this one in the khaki, this one in the ivory, and this organic one. Told you I had a thing for pillows. Can you tell I am going for a natural/neutral look with this room.
  • Order lamps. I decided to re-purpose lamps from another room so no need to order new ones. Never mind, I picked one up at Pier 1 for less than $30.
  • Install window treatments.Two out of Three hung ain't bad!
  • Buy comforter for duvet cover.
  • Buy mattress - Bob is doing this tomorrow
  • Come up with something for the walls. I found something I love - a little tribute to my husband. I figured if I won't let him have the real thing stored in here . . . .
Thanks to the 5 Minutes for Moms, Susan and Janice for hosting Tackle It Tuesday. Go and check out more Tackle It Tuesday participants.

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Anonymous said...

looks like you've made great progress!

Unknown said...

Big Task, good tackling! Have a great day!

Kelley said...

I just got my first 2 books from Paperback swap. I finished one last night. I love it so far!

Megan@SortaCrunchy said...

I've heard so many great things about Paperback Swap!

GREAT work on the room conversion. You guys are doing fantastic!!!! *lots of enthusiastic clapping*

Anonymous said...

How cute the room looks! I really like the bicycle wall hangings.

Melanie said...

Wow! It's really coming along!

Alana said...

The guest room is looking great! I love the duvet and the pillow and the lamp! I'm a earthy colors girl myself.

Have heard of paperback swap. I've researched it, but haven't done it yet. Usually I sell my books to a used book store or give them to a thrift shop unless they are ones I want to keep so I need to read a few before I have enough to swap!

And last, we have the same computer! Don't you just love it. We're tight, my ibook and me.

Anonymous said...

how fun. i'm going to have to join the book club, too!

Heather said...

The guest room conversion is looking fantastic. What a difference from week one! Great job! And I've been meaning to check out the paperback swap, so thanks for the reminder. ;o)