Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Tackle It Tuesday #4 - Empty Shelves Syndrome

We remodeled our bathroom. I was eager to have my husband hang these cube shelves, which he did without much fuss. That was over 6 months ago.

There they hang - empty - m
ocking me every time I get out of the shower. They say, "if only you weren't such a procrastinator we could be serving an actual purpose here - we could be displaying a pretty picture frame, a cool clock, or a sculptural piece preferably in white". I have great ideas and motivation in the beginning of a project, but my energy fades and the finishing touches rarely get done.

Seriously, I'm not that far gone. I'm not hearing these cubes talk to me, but enough already. I need help! Any suggestions?

I think I may also reach out and Ask Design Mom for some guidance.

Bathroom Details:
Shelf dimensions:

  • all three are almost 4" deep
  • tall shelf 5x11
  • small square 7x7
  • large square 8x8

This is similar to the color of the bathroom accent tile and wall color. The mirror, medicine cabinet, light fixtures, and towel bars are in a polished nickel finish. I am using comfy, fluffy white towels.

Check out an update on our guest room below.

Guest Room Conversion Update: Week 1


Week 1

  • Obviously, clear out the room. Everything from computer pieces to bike parts. I am told all these various parts will eventually turn into a bicycle. I made a little progress clearing things out but still have some work to do.
  • Order window coverings. I ordered 3 of these from Target.
  • Order bedding. I ordered this organic duvet and pillows for the bed. I also order this blanket. I have a thing for pillows: I ordered this one in the sandlewood, this one in the khaki, this one in the ivory, and this organic one. Told you I had a thing for pillows. Can you tell I am going for a natural/neutral look with this room.
  • Order lamps. I decided to re-purpose lamps from another room so no need to order new ones.
  • Install window treatments.
  • Buy comforter for duvet cover.
  • Buy mattress
  • Come up with something for the walls.
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Amy said...

Maybe your shelves would like to house some bathroom items in the appropriate colors-- a jar of bath salts, some bars of specialty soap, etc? Or some small stainless steele jars?

Unknown said...


Very good! I did a SEMI- tackle, but it looks better then it did!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you all ready have some great ideas! A favorite photo, framed, etc.

~michelle pendergrass said...

I think your frames are begging for a couple of framed photos of bright flowers.

Then find some lovely decorative bottles in different size to put on them!

The guest room is looking good!

Anonymous said...

I think some cute mini vases with bright flowers would look fantastic.

Heather said...

I absolutely LOVE your description of the shelves mocking you. Mostly because we started remodeling our bathroom almost two years ago, and I still haven't put anything in those vanity drawers and cupboards that I wanted SO badly! rofl

Really, I feel your pain. I think you've had some great suggestions. You might just try some different photos and nic-nacs from other rooms in your home just to get some ideas for size, height, color, etc. You might even find you already have the perfect thing that just needs a new home. Love those shelves, BTW. I'll bet your bathroom is lovely. Good luck!

K Quinn said...

Soap! Soap! Definitely soap! I love soap. I collect soap. Can you tell? Lovely big bars with yummy scents.

Truly I don't know. Maybe some simple frames pictures or even words. You know how words become art. A sign saying "wash your hands" in some nice font with flowers around it. Or put it in French. What is it in French? Well I'm just so helpful aren't I?

Thank you for dropping by! Nice office you have there. It's coming together nicely.

Courtney said...

Guest room is looking good. I have no idea on the shelves, I'm bad at decorating stuff. lol Thanks for the compliments on my boys' closet.

Anonymous said...

The way you described your bathroom makes me think of a zen-like calm. What about placing a single, permanent (like you'd find at Pier 1), green pear in each of the small frames, and a small vase with a permanent, single stem green orchid in the other? After next month, you surely won't need anything else to water or replace.

Unknown said...

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