Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Tackle It Tuesday #3 - Guest Room Conversion

Wow! Sometimes you don't realize how bad something is until you see a picture of it.

Well, it's official! I am kicking my husband out of the last room (the only room) he had. He does still have the garage, but that's at least a couple of months of "tackling"!

It is all for a good cause. We are blessed to have my mother coming to stay with us when the baby arrives. She has agreed to stay for a few months so we are going to make her a very comfortable bedroom. Before that can happen there is lots to do:

  • Obviously, clear out the room. Everything from computer pieces to bike parts. I am told all these various parts will eventually turn into a bicycle.
  • Order window coverings.
  • Order bedding.
  • Order lamps.

I have all the furniture I need - just a matter of finding the right layout.
I think that's it. Mom, is there anything else you need? I am also planning to put a rocking chair in the room - you know - just in case!

We are expecting my mom the middle of March. I have some time to make it as nice and comfortable as possible.

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~michelle pendergrass said...

I can't wait to see it when you're finished!

And you are so right about how things look in a photo. I that is my ongoing source of inspiration for Tackling--to see the after photos!

Heart of Wisdom said...

How wonderful your Mom is coming. How SUPER you are greateful for your Mom! She won't be araound forever. Enjoy her and the baby. Looking forward to seeing the after photos.

I decluttered our pantry see photos at

Anonymous said...

I hope you and your mom get along well! That's a loooong time to have a visitor.

KarenW said...

How exciting! That's awesome that your mom can stay for so long.

Heather said...

What a fun project! That'll be great to have your mom there for you with a new baby. And so nice that she can stay for awhile. I look forward to seeing how the room turns out. Have fun!