Thursday, July 17, 2008

Rescue, Resell & Recycle

I wasn't far along in the packing process, when I realized it was going to be impossible to pack up our whole house with boxes from the liquor store. Liquor boxes are great for smaller items and books, but how in the world were all the kids' toys going to fit in such small boxes? They have a lot of toys. Let's just say I had a small addiction to Fisher Price Little People toys a few years ago.

I'm also not fast enough to benefit from any of the free packing materials posted on Freecycle. We did discover Trader Joe's has some great sturdy boxes for smaller things, but the dilemma of packing all the larger stuff still existed.

I caved.

I hung my head in shame and went into a Home Depot. I bought boxes . . . . and bubble wrap . . . and foamy things for packing dishes. A few days later, I learned about a company that rescues truckloads of quality used boxes from large companies. inspects and sorts the rescued boxes by size and shape. They create "kits" and resell boxes through their website. They offer free shipping and guarantee delivery in 1-2 business days.

Pretty cool. I need more boxes, but I'm not going to buy any. I'm going to get creative and work with what I have. You better believe I'll be easing my "green guilt" by putting everything up on Freecycle when we're unpacked!


Kim said...

Have you tried asking at any of your local retail/department stores along the lines of Fred Meyer, JC Penny, Gottschalks, Lamonts... I always get my moving boxes from those places, and you can get a great variety of sizes, including some very large sizes that are great for toys!

Another great, heavy duty box for moving are egg boxes from grocery stores!

Good luck with the continued packing!

Rachel said...

I know someone will so blessed to receive your boxes when you're done Alana!

Going Crunchy said...

Another freebie way to get boxes is to check outside a Library on the trash/recycle pickup day. We always have boxes going out from book shipments.

My mistke in moving years ago was packing boxes that were too big. They were waaaayyyy to heavy to move!

I think we all learn as we go along. Shan