Friday, July 11, 2008

Feature Friday: Simple Mom

I'm amazed by all the talented bloggers out there. I've decided to showcase a new blog each Friday. They won't all be "green", but they'll definitely be resourceful!

Today, I bring you
SimpleMom. Toblerone is a stay-at-home mom currently living overseas with her two small children and husband. She's also a language student and a part-time graphic designer. I'm inspired by her ability to run a household in an organized and simple way.

SimpleMom focuses on the mom who needs an extra nudge of motivation to manage her home in a productive and balanced way. Yes, that's me - she's speaking directly to me!

Toblerone covers a wide variety of topics all focusing on the practical side of simplicity. Be sure to read her tips for productivity, ideas on money management and feel free to download her home management notebooks.


Toblerone @ Simple Mom said...

Thanks so much for this! You are too kind. I remember stumbling upon your blog a few months ago and loving your design and your words.