Friday, February 15, 2008

Friday Roundup

I've searched the web over, and I'm bringin' you some linky love:

  • If you haven't discovered the Ideal Bite yet, you need to check it out. Ideal Bite delivers easy, eco-living tips to your in box daily. The tips are short, sassy and practical.
  • My friend at The Ferret Online has found some hip and stylish reusable bags for us to use.
  • In the mood for a game? Click here to find out if you're living a sustainable life.
  • GreenStyle Mom is having a Sigg baby and adult water bottle giveaway. To enter, just go on over and visit GreenStyle Mom and leave a comment. The contest runs through February 20th.
  • Doodlebug Designs is having a great giveaway to celebrate their Grand Opening! Go over and check out the details. You could win a FREE completely customized blog design for a blogger blog!
  • Our Blessed Arrows is offering a giveaway for a pair of pedoodles.
This Sunday, Gray Matters will be featured on 5 Minutes Around The Blogoshpere sponsored by 5 Minutes for Mom.


5 Minutes for Mom is a great resource for all moms. You can submit your own blog or read what other mom's are blogging about. Susan and Janice are two moms that have their hands f
ull! Along with running the 5 Minutes for Mom site, they run two toy stores: A Rocking Horse To Love and Pedal Cars & Retro Collectibles.

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Doodlebug said...

Thanks! Good luck!