Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thrifty Green Thursday - No Gift Birthday Idea

Green Baby Guide hosts a weekly carnival called Thrifty Green Thursday. I've been reading the ideas for weeks and decided it was time to participate.
We get to go to a birthday party this evening. The host has requested "no gifts", which I love as a concept, but I always feel a little strange showing up without something. I really like the idea of recycled presents or "shopping" your house.

Today I recycled a picture frame to give to the birthday girl. I found an extra picture frame we had packed up and used some left over materials from this project.

I spray painted the frame and hot glued some fabric to the matting. In a matter of minutes, I had a cute updated picture frame fit for a little girl on her third birthday. I also included a picture of the birthday girl with her little friend, Meg.

Another good idea for "shopping" your house, is to encourage your child to pick out one of their toys to give as a present. Have you ever noticed how much fun your kids having playing with other kids' toys!


Rebecca said...

You are so crafty! That picture frame looks really great; I'll bet the birthday girl loved it. I also like the idea of kids "shopping" at home and giving one of their toys to the birthday kid. My daughter hasn't been to a traditional birthday party yet, but I am tucking these ideas away for the future.

Thanks for joining us for Thrifty Green Thursday!

Joy said...

I love that you have made "re-gifting" into an art form! We all have assorted stuff lying around our homes that can easily become beautiful with a little paint and attention. Thanks for sharing this fabulous idea with us and for being a part of our Thrifty Green Thursday!

Allie said...

That's awesome! I love it!

Jennie said...

As the mother of the recipient of this gift, I can say that it was a THRILL to receive something so clever and thoughtful. WE LOVE OUR GIFT! I am now inspired to hang a cute shelf (finally) that I had stolen from Big Holly's bathroom and painted pink for little Holly's room. The photo of the girls together will look so cute on it. THANKS SO MUCH, ALANA!!!