Thursday, June 5, 2008

Three R Thursday - Vinegar

Plan White Vinegar is a multi-purpose cleaner that's cheap and non-toxic. It can help you in the kitchen, the bathroom, the laundry and even your flower beds.

It's a great idea to create two vinegar spray bottles. One filled with pure vinegar and the other with a vinegar/water mixture.

You may recognize some of these and some might be new to you (as they were to me). I would love to hear how you use vinegar to help perform everyday tasks.

1. Moisten those annoying stickers used on frames and mirrors with vinegar. Let sit for at least ten minutes, then remove.

2. Place a bowl of vinegar in a stinky room overnight to remove persistent odors.

3. Clean your windows with a half vinegar/water spray. Wipe with newspapers or microfiber cloth to decrease lint.

4. Soak your shower head in vinegar overnight to remove corrosion or chemical build-up.

5. Remove stains from your toilet bowl by spraying with vinegar and scrubbing. Sprinkling in a little baking soda will help with any odor.

6. Keep ants away by spraying vinegar along doorways, windowsills and counter tops. Clean any ant trails with vinegar.

7. Remove odors from the sink or garbage disposal by pouring in a cup of vinegar. Give it at least an hour before rinsing.

8. Add 2 tablespoons of vinegar to your water before boiling eggs. It keeps them from cracking.

9. Keep colors from running by soaking in vinegar before washing.

10. Freshen your cut flowers by adding 2 tablespoons of vinegar and 1 teaspoon of sugar for each quart of water.

11. Spray vinegar full strength on weeds. The vinegar "starves" the weed and it will die. Works best on a sunny day. You can also spray the grass on walks and driveways.

12. Tenderize meat by soaking it in vinegar overnight.

13. Clean and disinfect your wood cutting boards by wiping with full strength vinegar.

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Unknown said...

i like this list, very informative. i always have a bottle of plain vinegar but never know what to do with them really!

kay said...

I'm a big fan of vinegar, but you have suggested some uses new to me. Thanks.

Tara said...

Very informative! I didn't know white vinegar could help with so many different things!

Laura Paxton said...

You can also use it for removing the odor that eminates from your brand new mattress that the kitty decided to pee on because she was mad at you...

And using equal parts of vinegar and water, use it to treat a sunburn...

yeah, vinegar is good stuff!

Happy T13!

Alana said...

Vinegar really is a great cleaner!

JessTrev said...

I heart vinegar. I just heard if you drink a tablespoon morning and night that it keeps the mosquitos at bay, who knows?

Susan said...

After trying most every cleaner on the market...a flooring person told me to mop a wood floor with about 1/4 cup white vinegar to a gallon of warm works perfectly..nice shiny floor!

happyhome said...

Proof reading too quickly can get you in trouble...soaking your shower head in vinegar overnight is good...soaking your head in vinegar overnight is not! I had to go back and reread that one!

The Proverbs Wife said...

These are great tips. SOme of these I had used before but had forgotten. Thanks for refreshing my memory and thanks for visiting my blog.