Thursday, April 10, 2008

Three R Thursday: A Sticky Situation

Dear Mr. Grocer,

I'm sure you have a logical reason for putting multiple stickers on my organic produce. You probably think it's okay because the stickers are made with food grade gums. You may not have considered the fact that when a toddler asks for an apple, they don't have the patience to wait while their mother peels and scrubs the stickiness off of their healthy organic apple.

You probably discovered you were losing money at the check out counter because the checkers couldn't tell the difference between organic and conventional produce. For some reason the small sticker wasn't sufficient, so a really big one needed to be added.

I have a solution. Save the money you are spending on these stickers. Save the time it takes for one of your employees to stick them on everything organic. With the money you save, you can charge the same amount for organic and conventional produce.

After all, don't we all deserve to eat produce grown without the use of toxic pesticides.

Thank you for your consideration.


Amy said...

AMEN sister!

JessTrev said...

Absomolutely agreed. It's hard to even take the time to wash it what with the screeching and pulling on my leg of the little critter saying "Ball! Ball!" - give him a break, they kinda look like spheres, and he's obsessed. Don't forget to save your stickers and send them in to the artist sticker man.

Kimberly said...

Can I get an AMEN!?

Whiney Momma said...

That's too funny! I hate those stickers too! You tell em' girl.

LA Nickers said...

Super statements on a sticky situation!


Practically at Home

Megan@SortaCrunchy said...

hear, hear!!

Anonymous said...

GREAT POST! So true!!
Thank you for commenting on my blog, I'm enjoying reading your blog!