Monday, June 2, 2008

Off My Game

Over the last week I've found myself repeating this phrase, "Just because it's cheap and easy doesn't mean it's better".

Preparing for our open house has affected my decision-making process. I've been doing things I don't agree with all for the sake of convenience. It's so easy to fall back into old habits. I come here to confess my sins against the environment.

My offenses as of late:

  • I bought fruit in plastic bags instead of using these.
  • The fruit wasn't organic.
  • I've used a few cleaning products that aren't exactly eco-friendly.
  • I threw away a few glass bottles while cleaning out the fridge.
  • I agreed to let the landscaper use Preen in the flower beds. I came to my senses over the weekend and I'm calling him today to cancel it.
  • I called a hauler to haul away things from the garage that could've been Freecycled.
  • I bought cut flowers from the "regular" grocery store that weren't certified VeriFlora.


Good & Crazy said...

Wow. If I those were the only things on my 'off my game' list I'd consider myself an angel.

I was once told to look around at the worst offenders in my household. And work on those. For example. Do we eat a lot of chicken and milk, but not so much beef? Then buy organic chicken and milk and don't worry so much about the beef. Bringing home a lot of plastic bags? Then work on that, but only a few glass bottles, okay that's for next month etc.

Hard to be perfectionist in mommy world without beating up about this too much as well? Small things right? (now if I could get any one of my siblings to any ONE of these things--now THAT would be huge).

Annie said...

Oh I know what you mean with this one. Today I filled up an outside plastic kiddie pool in order for my 15 month old to play outside (we live in the desert) I felt so guilty. The only way I justified using so much water is that I promised myself I would water all of the plants with the leftover water. Don't beat yourself up, there is always tomorrow. I love your blog by the way!

laurel said...

You know, I think most of us experience "mommy guilt" from time to time...and with the "green" movement, comes more guilt. I do think it is important to be aware of our affects on the environment, to be conscious consumers, to live with less, etc. I think that many times, making a choice to do something in a more eco-conscious way, also results in a more pleasure-full, beautiful environment (using cloth instead of paper towels or diapers, or china instead of paper plates, for example). But, I think that also has to be balanced out with realistic expectations of where you are in relation to what else is going on in your life. You have a new baby. You are selling a house. You have three children to care for. You have a full plate. You don't need guilt for using a plastic bag or two on top of it. You are doing the best you can where you are right now. Don't put so much pressure on yourself right now. There will be a time, when you are settled in your new home, that you can pick back up with the other things. You are doing great!