Saturday, June 28, 2008

Kale - 3 months

My sweet boy you're already 3 months old. You're a whopping 15 pounds!
You love kicking in your bouncy seat and staring at the ceiling fans.

You love watching your big brother and sister play and can't wait to join in the fun.

We love you!


nottryingforaboy said...

oh he's precious. what a chunker.

Alana said...

Look at all that hair! He is precious.

GreenStyleMom said...

oh my goodness! He is so, so cute!! I always wanted a baby with lot of hair.

Tara said...

He is so cute! I love the hair!

To answer your question about the tubes, 5 months is ususally the youngest age they put tubes in. If he is keeping the thick fluid in his ears and medications aren't helping, tubes are the way to go. It will save you and him alot of sleepless nights. We have a friend in Dothan whose son had them at 5 months old because of chronic problems since birth. He still gets ear infections every once in awhile but the tubes have improved it greatly. We are on our 2nd set with Brooks. He got his first set at 12 months, and they fell out by at around 22 months. As soon as they were out, he started getting sick again. When the tubes are in and functioning, he hasn't gotten any ear infections. Some kids are just prone to get them from the beginning. If the fluid has been in there since birth, tubes are totally worth it.