Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Creative Bathroom Storage

I saw this great idea over at the Nester's place. Traditionally, the vanity space in the bathroom has been reserved for a sweet little chair for you to sit on while applying make-up and curling your hair.

If you have the time to do such things, congratulations! If on the other hand you need more storage space in your bathroom, this solution works for me!

I would love to tell you I whipped up this little skirt on my own sewing machine, but I'd be fibbing. My dear friend, Chris, who also enables my
pillow addiction made this for me. She simply sewed a little pocket for me to slide a tension rod through. The Nester can show you how to create a no-sew skirt.

Right now, I have a trash can and a potty seat stored behind there. I also have a little drawer unit to store the kids' bath toys and extra toiletries.


Hadias said...

Great tip. I (heart) The Nestor. I used her idea for valances.

Angie said...

What a fun idea! We have a space open like that in our room, but not in our main bathroom. However, mine actually does have a chair -- I have thick hair and it takes FOREVER to dry, so it's comfy to have a chair. But, if I didn't need that, I would definitely use this idea!

lizzykristine said...

I've visited a few times before but never commented. I can't resist commenting on a post about storage and organization. :)

I have always thought that vanity chairs were more show than useful. They never look comfortable, and usually I stand up so I can lean in close to the mirror for makeup. So transforming it into storage is a great idea I'll tuck away.

Not that it is an issue right now -- we have one tiny bathroom with no counters and definitely no vanity!

SAHMmy Says said...

What a beautiful bathroom! I dearly wish I had a vanity area--the skirt is fabulous! I will steal your idea of storing the potty seat (I'll have to use the undersink cabinet though) in a few months when the baby starts potty training--I usually just kept it in the bathtub when my son was using it--not very attractive! Thanks for the tip and for stopping by my blog!

Tara said...

That is so cute.. I need to figure something like that.. for my bathrooms.. I have potty chairs and trash cans .. SCALES lol Thanks for the tip!

Teresa said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog- love the fabric you used- and what a great way to hide the "kids" stuff.

Lisa @ Stop and Smell the Chocolates said...

Cute! The curtain looks great!