Friday, May 16, 2008

Updates: Kale & Open House

Kale's ENT appointment didn't provide us with any new information. Basically, the doctor suspects there is fluid involved, but his ear canals are too small to examine. We will go back in six weeks for a possible cat scan to look at the structure of his ear. The doctor also wants to put him under for about 5 minutes for a procedure similar to having tubes put in. The risks associated with anesthesia will be reduced after 4 months of age, so we wait.

He's just so darn sweet. He's responding to sound much more these days and has started following voices and images around the room.

We've decided to push back our Open House for a couple of weeks. Due to the rain, a lot of exterior work hasn't been complete and there just doesn't seem to be a reason to stress out about it. We've also decided to extend our house search into a different area that'll be a lot closer for Bob's work. We're going to look at this new area Sunday so I'm excited about that.

My mom gets back in town today . . . . YEAH! She's been gone for two weeks and has been greatly missed by all (especially her daughter who has never experienced sleep deprivation of this magnitude!)


MamaBird said...

Good thoughts for your sweet babe -- have fun with your mom visiting. It's so amazing to have the grandmothers there so you can relax for a few moments. And watching them delight in the babies, well, that's pretty magical. Glad you are giving yourself a break with the open house timing.

Betsy said...

Have you considered Chiropractic? My third son had lots of ear trouble until we had him adjusted.

Hillary Dunham said...

Hey Alana,
I just wanted to let you know I dropped by and love your blog! I found it through Josh's and he found me this weekend through facebook. I have looked through several posts and am so blessed by your ability to grieve, praise and express your feelings through this format. I heard about your tragedy several years ago from my mom and wanted so desperately to call or send a card or something, but never did. Please know that I have thought about and prayed for you all very often. This is getting entirely too long for a post! ha!
Anyway- I live in Huntsville with my husband and 2 little boys. Your children are beautiful!!
Please keep in touch- our blog is
Much love, hugs and God's peace,
Hillary Hart