Tuesday, November 27, 2007


The need to nest has taken over, and I am no longer in control of my urge to clear out and get rid of things. Fortunately, Bob has the "bug" too and has posted a couple things on the Freecycle site I mentioned on an earlier post. He also spent time going through boxes of old office stuff and was able to get rid of a lot - I must say it made me tingly all over. Even though I am 6 months pregnant (and as big as a barn) staring at the boxes full of recyclable paper makes me feel a ton lighter! And the best part is tomorrow is curbside recycling day . . . YEAH!

Zwaggle is another option to get rid of your unwanted stuff in a responsible, eco-friendly way. Zwaggle is an online community for parents to share with other parents. Using our points based sharing system, parents spend less money, time and resources providing for their children.

By using Zwaggle, families are able to eliminate clutter, outfit their children, and participate in a trusted, on-line community of like-minded parents, while conserving our precious resources: time, money and the environment - leaving more of these for our children.

Zwaggle provides members with a trusted place to:

  • give away used goods that are no longer needed by your family
  • receive value from their used goods via our proprietary points based system, called Zoints
  • use those Zoints to obtain items you need for your family


Anonymous said...

Glad you found Zwaggle.com! I know the Zwaggle founders and am working with them to "get the word out" about their site and service, so it's fantastic to see that people are starting to really get excited about the concept. So thanks for the post and hopefully you'll help lead a few more parents to check them out!