Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Calculate Your Impact on Climate Change

Climate Change: What's Your Impact?

The Nature Conservancy - Protecting nature, Preserving Life

Inevitably, in going about our daily lives – commuting, sheltering our
families, eating – each of us contributes to the greenhouse gas
emissions that are

causing climate change. Yet, there are many things each of us –
as individuals – can do to reduce emissions.
The choices we
make in our homes, our travel, the food we eat, and what we
buy and throw away can help ensure a stable climate for future

Use The Nature Conservancy's online carbon footprint calculator to
measure your – or your household's – climate impact. The calculator
will estimate how many tons of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse
gases your choices create each year.

My individual score was 24 which means I am
personally responsible for emitting 24 tons of CO
each year. My minivan definitely doesn't help . . .
Bob wants to start a compost pile . . .
I might have to cave!