Monday, October 5, 2009

Open For Business

I took the plunge. I opened an Etsy shop. I must be crazy.

Those two ladybugs are in honor of Ellie & Kate as is the name EK Designs

I have a few things listed. I'll be adding some Halloween things this week.
Come Visit!


Jennie said...


Antoinette said...

Congrats!! The pouches are really cute. :)

I'll be opening a couple Etsy stores this month as can be a little unnerving, huh?

Alana said...

Good for you! Love the logo!

Andrea @ The Train to Crazy said...

Good for you! Cute pouches! Did you design the logo? It is really cute!

Tech Savvy Mama said...

No, you aren't crazy...Just crazy talented! I'll definitely be stopping by your Etsy site! Congratulations! And I can't think of a more perfect name. :)