Friday, November 21, 2008

Anyone Out There Sew?

Bob and I are going shopping for a sewing machine next week. I feel like I'm buying a new car. With the high price tag and all the features and functions, my head is spinning.

There's a great quilting shop in downtown Annapolis, Cottonseed Glory. They carry Bernina machines and offer classes and all sorts of support. The reviews I've read pretty much say that the Bernina's rock. Does anyone have experience with one, or another brand/model you would recommend.



Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

How funny...I am asking Santa for a sewing machine this Christmas too. The lowdown I have gotten from my research is that Singer, which used to be a great company, was bought by a little Chinese company and is no longer the reliable giant it used to be. Apparently Viking is fabulous, and Janome is equally reliable and fabulous. I am going with a Janome because they are a Japanese company and apparently replacement parts are a lot cheaper than Viking (which is European). I hope that helps!

Paula Callan said...

I too have a Janome. LOVE IT! It is a mid-range priced one. We purchased another Janome machine for my 8 yr old daughter for Christmas last year. I am thrilled to have a back up that my attachments will work with should I need a back up.
Paula in No. Nevada

Anna said...

I have a singer but it does not baste!!! Urg. So make sure the sewing machine bastes!

Anonymous said...

Like most "big" purchases, it's useful to decide on what features you NEED, what features you WANT, and not over-buy.

A good quality machine bought used can often be a good deal, too, so don't ignore that possibility if you want a basic machine.



nicole viola said...

I love my Brother! Would have to look up the model for you, but it's awesome!!

Jane said...

I have the Singer 132. I bought it because I was dipping my toes into sewing and didn't know yet which features I wanted or needed. I really like it. Sure there are things it can not do, but honestly, I use it several times a week. Sewing has become my stress reliever. I have had it for about 5 years now and it has paid for itself several times over in gifts, curtains, repairs... that I have made rather than bought. I did take it in to my local vacuum shop for a tune up ($40)last year.