Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Quality Time

Opportunities for one on one time with my kids doesn't come often and when it does I realize how much I ache for it.

As much as I would like to hand-pick the time, my quality time with Davis came this morning between the hours of 2 - 5am. He had an upset stomach and systematically (like a mother experiencing labor contractions) threw up every 11 minutes over a 3 hour span of time. Although it sounds like a miserable experience for both of us, it was one of the sweetest times I've ever had with him. He was so brave and patient - we read books and played on the floor in between "sessions". We caught up on the day and talked about our plans for Christmas. He thanked me for taking care of his hiccups (his name for throwing up) and finally after hours fell asleep in my arms on the floor. Davis isn't still often so I held him for awhile and watched him sleep . . . . I realized there is something very special about being needed and being able to help your children feel better. It makes you realize just how important being a parent is and one on one time with your children can come in strange ways so be prepared.

PS For any family members looking for ideas for Davis' Christmas . . . he could use some new sheets!


laurel said...

Wow, how mature of you to view this time with your child as a blessing. I would have had a hard time doing so...I love my sleep. But, the time is going so, so fast and you are so right to be grateful for it, where ever it presents itself.