Thursday, November 29, 2007

To Do List

I am a list maker. I rarely get to mark all of the items off on my list, but I enjoy the process of making the list. I like to think making a list helps me stay organized, but if I look at it closely, I would see that it just feeds into my procrastination. After all, when you consider the amount of time I take to -write list-rewrite list in nicer handwriting-find a cuter notebook to write list in-rewrite in new notebook- I could have marked off all the items on my last 5 lists.

As I mentioned, I like the process of putting pen to paper, but I found a new site I might try out (in the hope of saving some trees). Ta-da is a simple tool that lets you create to-do lists for yourself and for others.

I also found an interesting blog,
Sasha Cagen has collected people's To Do List from all over the world and written a book about them. To-Do List is a collection of 100 handwritten lists and the stories behind them. To-Do List celebrates the world of the overlooked and mundane, letting our lists serve as unique windows into who we are. Nothing is more revealing than someone's to-do list. A possible stocking stuffer for the list maker in your family!


Jennie B. said...

Hi, Alana! I love your blog! You might also enjoy creating a "To-Don't" list - which uses no paper at all. Whenever I feel like a SHOULD do something but I don't really WANT to do it, I put it on my To-Don't list, and I've accomplished something by doing nothing! All busy moms need a To-Don't list. WHEE!!!

Hope that yall are well, well, well!